There’s Absolutely Nothing New or Interesting in the Publishing World

Or at least, if there is, I don’t know about it.

I’m on vacation in Georgia this week with the best boyfriend in the world and it is a complete vacation.  I refuse to be chained to my computer or worry about all the NYU publishing institute homework I should be finishing up.  In fact, I left my computer at home and this week’s blog posts were pre-written and my super sister is publishing them on the appropriate day.  (Don’t expect this to be a habit.  I assure you, every week but this one will be chock-full with fresh, interesting, current information.)

But today?  I choose to lay on the beach and take a nap instead.

To keep you busy while you wait, though, check out Writer’s Relief.  The website is an endless network of helpful and encouraging articles.  Also, if you’re interested, they are a company who–for a small fee–will submit your work for you.  If all you’re getting is bad rejection letters, maybe you’re submitting to the wrong places.  Writer’s Relief might be able to help.


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