Dear Literary Journals: Please Send Me an Acceptance Letter for a Belated Birthday Present

Still waiting on submission responses from the final hold out literary journals.

  • Painted Bride Quarterly (date submitted: January 4th; what submitted: 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction)  Official Response Time:  unknown
  • Cicada (date submitted: February 16th; what submitted: 2 poems)  Official Response Time: up to 4 months
  • storySouth (date submitted: June 1st; what submitted: 1 fiction)  Official Response Time: 2-6 months
  • Weave magazine (date submitted:  June 1st; what submitted: 1 non-fiction)  Official Response Time: 3 months

I’m considering contacting PBQ via facebook to ask for a ball park response time figure.  It would help me and all of you out there wondering about the same thing.  Also considering sending another email to Cicada to politely inquire about my poems.  As for storySouth, submishmash has it posted as still “received” (which means nobody has looked at it yet) and Weave magazine is still considering it.  I did get the latest issue of Weave last weekend.  Haven’t started reading yet, but hopefully I can give you a bit of a personal review later this week!

On another personal note:  I went to see Anything Goes with a dear friend on Friday night.  It was, officially, delovely.  Small tip: the theater is designed to offer a good view from any seat, so don’t sweat it out if you buy the cheapest tickets :]



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