A TINGE of a Publishing Chance

Edited by the students in Temple University’s M.F.A Program in Creative Writing, TINGE magazine is a relatively new online literary journal published twice annually (April and December).  Their first issue came out this Spring.  It’s hard to know what exactly a journal wants before you know what they publish, so the issue’s content will be informative for you and me.

What They Want: fiction, poetry, nonfiction of exceptional literary quality (no genre fiction).

When They Want It:  They’re not reading again until September 1, 2011

How They Want It:  via Submishmash.  Only one submission per reading period.

Official Submission Response Time:  unknown.

My Personal (Rejection) Response Time:  1 month, 3 days

Payment?  Nope.

Good luck :]


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author & book publishing person.

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