Submit to the Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize

The competition for The Susquehanna Review’s Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize is less steep than it is for other literary journals.  Though it’s nationally distributed, it only accepts submissions from current undergraduates.  As I’ve mentioned before, you want to submit to writing contests that narrow down the pool as much as possible, so if you’re an undergraduate don’t pass up this chance!

What They Are: a print and online literary magazine run by the undergraduate students of Susquehanna University.

What They Want: Prose and poetry from non-Susquehanna University students.

When They Want It:  not announced yet.  Expect it to happen in late March or early April.

How They Want It:  via their submishmash account.   You’re instantly entered when you submit to their general submissions.

Official Submission Response Time: n/a

Personal Submission Response Time: 

Entry Fee?  No.

Prize?  Yes, $100 for each (one award for best poem, one award for best prose).

Anybody aware of/recommend any other undergraduate literary contests open to national and/or international submissions?

Keep submitting :]


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