Submit to Sucker: A Debuting Young Adult Fiction Literary Magazine

Are you a YA writer who’s having trouble finding a place to submit your work, let alone get it published?  I noticed when reading the SCBWI newsletter that most recent YA and middle grade writing has been published by a select group of magazines: Highlights, Cicada, and Cricket being the top three.  Not that these aren’t excellent publications–love them!–but you have to admit that considering how popular YA books are and how many are published every quarter, having only a handful of magazines for shorter fiction is impractical.  Also, it’s nearly impossibly competitive for new authors.  Trust me, I know.

Hannah Goodman, author of Fear of Falling, My Summer Vacation, and My Sister’s Wedding, totally agrees and that’s why she’s launching the online Sucker Literary Magazine.  Check out the Publishers Weekly article to find out more.

According to her blog post on July 5th, she doesn’t really have much of a “yes” pile yet, it’s mostly “no’s” and “maybe’s” so go submit your best YA work immediately!

What Is It: a biannual, online YA literary magazine

What They Want:  fiction stories intended for readers ages 14-18, sub-10,000-words.  Submissions may not contain anything “gratuitously violent, homophobic, or hateful.”

When They Want It: by October 1st

How They Want It: via email, send to  More submission guidelines.

Release Date: January 2012

Have I mentioned how INCREDIBLY excited I am, personally, to submit to this magazine?  I don’t have anything at the moment to send in–everything YA I write is in book form, and I’m a little nervous to publish a partial for fear of legal repercussions later on (I can dream, can’t I, that there would be a need for legal repercussions someday?)–but I’m definitely going to write something spectacular by the deadline.


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3 thoughts on “Submit to Sucker: A Debuting Young Adult Fiction Literary Magazine

  1. My protagonist is a girl 13 going on 14. If you are interested do I send it as an attachment or pdf. The story is 5,251 words. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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