Revealed: Real-Life Submission Response Time for storySouth

A bit unusual to hear back outside of the work week, but I got a rejection letter on Saturday from storySouth, a magazine all about the–you guessed it!–Southern experience narrative.  If you’ve got a story set in the South, about the South, or if you just happen to be a resident of the South, long-term or short, then it’s a good place to consider submitting to.  It’s one of those journals I recommend because it has submission restrictions and thus the competition is a little less steep.  So if you have any connection to the region, don’t give up the chance!

Expect to hear back in about 2 months, 12 days.

I’m a little sad that my fiction story got rejected, part because I truly thought it was a good fit, and partly because it’s the sixth rejection.  What’s your record number of rejections before an acceptance letter?  According to this article, writers should expect to submit a single submission to 100 markets, which might mean 99 rejections.

[gasps and tries to recover breathing]

No offense, but I can’t think of one other place to submit this story, let alone 94 more.  Does anybody know of a journal that accepts fiction with the themes of the South, ghosts, and the rebirth of a place after devastation (namely, Hurricane Katrina) all balled-up into one?  Would appreciate the recommendations!


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