No Labor Day Weekend Plans? Write a Whole Novel in 72-hours and Get Published!

So this morning I was talking with my new coworkers and most people responded to the question “what are you looking forward to” with a list of exciting holiday weekend travel and/or adventure plans.  I was one of those lame (or, if you look at it from another angle, spontaneous) individuals who had nothing special planned except making a trip to Staples, paying some library overdue fees, and working up the energy to take a run.

If you similarly have nothing special to do–and I mean nothing, including sleep because you’re going to need every available second–there’s still time to sign up for the 3-Day Novel Contest!  Entry ends at midnight tonight!  Come on, be spontaneous!

What They Want:  A novel!  Can be anything, any genre, any length, about anything.

When They Want It:  You have to stop writing by Monday night, midnight, and then mail it in the next morning.  They can tell if you’ve cheated and sent in something you’ve been working on for awhile.

Contest Rules:  see this link.

Entry Fee:  $50

Prize:  1st prize is publication by 3-Day Books Press.  2nd prize is $500 and 3rd is $100.  Everyone else gets a novel written and a fancy certificate for participating.

Go sign up and start writing!  Why not!  Gives you something to do while you wait for the rain to stop.  Besides, you’d have the best bragging rights at work on Tuesday.  “What did you do this weekend?” they’ll ask.  “Oh, nothing much.  Just wrote an entire novel in 72 hours.”


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