Call for Emerging Western (Region, not Genre) Writers!

For all you writers in the great mid-West and Western sector of the United States who think they have a sense of humor, this themed call for submission is for you!  Even if you don’t live there, have you visited?  Think you can spin a good yarn off your experiences there?  Western State Press, the literary press of Western State College of Colorado, is craving some literary humor submissions that “is focused on western locations and themes.”

What They Want:  Poems, fiction, and creative non-fiction of high quality that makes the editors express the entire range of amusement–from giggles to belly-laughs.  Needs to be set somewhere Western or have Western themes.  25-page limit and PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORKS WILL BE CONSIDERED though unpublished submissions are preferred.

When They Want It:  submission period from August 20th-February 10th

How They Want It: via submishmash.


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