Write a Tiny Essay, Win a Tiny Texas House

Tiny animals, tiny teacups, tiny anything, triggers cooing in most humans and I cannot resist saying “it’s so cute!” every time I look at this amazing writing prize. A Tiny Texas House is built of 99% salvaged materials.  Basically, it’s an adorable, quaint, and rather small recycled house and you can win one if you write a 300-word essay of how a tiny house would inspire you.  It can live in Texas and you can move into it.  Or you can use it as a vacation house writers-getaway and the company will rent it out for you for a little extra cash flow throughout the year.  Or you can have it shipped to wherever you’d prefer living in a tiny house.  Or you can cash out for $28,000.

See submission rules and guidelines here.

Deadline: October 3rd, 2011.

Submission Fee: $50–but even if you don’t win, you get the blueprints for the house and a free copy of the e-book How to Build a Tiny House with Salvaged Materials.


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3 thoughts on “Write a Tiny Essay, Win a Tiny Texas House

    1. I did, I did! I’m crossing my fingers because I would probably be the happiest person alive if I won it; it’s SO cute. I’m currently daydreaming whether I would keep it as a vacation getaway in Texas (as if I could actually afford plane tickets to visit) or if I would bring it up here, buy a square of land and just plop it down so I wouldn’t have to apartment-hunt anymore.


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