Poll: Rate the Design of Cutbank Literary Journal

While doing my monthly examination of the New Pages [sorry, link won’t work right now] writing contest and call for submission boards (I do best submitting when I have a whole slew of journals and due dates in mind) I stumbled across a lovely journal called Cutbank.  They accept fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.  They’re associated with the University of Montana Creative Writing program and they have annual writing contests coming up that you should consider submitting to!  I don’t know about you, but I judge journals a bit by their design and this cover wins first prize as one of my all time favorite literary journal covers.  Ever.  What would you score it?

What They Want: submissions sub-10,000 words

When They Want It:  October 1st-Feburary 15th

How They Want It:  via submishmash

How To Get To Know Them:  Subscribe.  $15 for a year.

Has anyone ever submitted here before?  Have any idea about the submission response time?


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