For All the Broke Writers: The Citron Review Lets you Read for Free

An original goal I had for this blog was to provide readers with information about the submission response times for literary journals and magazines I’ve submitted to in the past.  However, I’ve noticed myself recently shying away from publications that don’t offer excerpts online; to read the journal and get a vibe of what the editors like, I’d have to subscribe and, unfortunately, I am not made out of money (or, perhaps, not unfortunately.  Money gets rather soggy in the rain.  But I digress in a probably confusing and not-too-funny way.  Moving on) and cannot subscribe to every journal that I want to submit to (I can afford about four or five a year).  Unless any of you are a one-in-a-million international bestseller, I assume you’re in a similar financial boat.  So what’s a writer to do?

For everyone’s benefit, I’m going to start highlighting publications that offer content online.  That way you can still submit your writing in an informed sort of way, without breaking the bank.

The first one in our series of Budget-Friendly Publications is: The Citron Review.

Published by four friends/graduates of the Antioch MFA program, The Citron Review is an online, flash-fiction, micro-fiction, short memoir, poetry, and art literary journal.

What They Want: Previously unpublished Micro-Fiction (sixty words or less; allowed up to five micro-fiction selections per quarter); Flash-Fiction (one-thousand words or less; allowed to submit up to two flash-fiction selections per quarter); Poetry (30 lines or less; allowed to submit up to five poetry selections per quarter); Creative Non-Fiction (1,000 words or less (All genres of non-fiction (memoir, essay, articles, reviews etc.) are acceptable. You may submit up to two Non-Fiction selections per quarter).

When They Want It:  All the time; rolling submissions.

How They Want It:  via email.  See further submission guidelines.

Online Archive:  read it before you submit.

Official Submission Response Time: A month or less; because they read on a monthly basis, they usually let you know at the beginning of every month.  If it’s been more than six weeks, query to find out what’s going on.

Good luck!


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