The Literary World Heard Our Prayers and Answered

Remember how I was lamenting the cost of literary journal subscriptions just a few short days ago?  Well, someone at Writer’s Relief must have heard our deep sighs of communal depression and is hosting a subscription contest on their website.  Read this article, then tweet it, or post about it on your own blog, or post it on your facebook (and then mention that you did so in the comments section) and you are instantly entered for a chance to win a free year-subscription to a literary journal of your choice!

If you don’t feel like sharing the good news, then to be a qualified contestant you’ll need to subscribe to two new literary journals that you’ve never subscribed to before.  At least one of them must cost money.  DON’T TUNE OUT THIS OPPORTUNITY YET!

A lot of publications are so jazzed about this contest that they’re offering discounts off their subscription fee for you to participate.  So go subscribe with a $5-$10-off coupon to one of the lovely publications listed at the bottom of the article–such as the New England Review, Plaughshares, Fifth Wednesday Journal, and Spoon River Poetry–and subscribe to a free one, such as Literary Laundry.  Then post a comment saying where you subscribed to and maybe you’ll win a third subscription in the bargain.  Even if you don’t, you get some lovely, affordable, and high-quality new reading (and research material for potential new submission/publication locations).  I think I’m going to do both, just because I don’t want to pass up the opportunity for some new discounted subscriptions.  (Short Story:  magazines like Cosmo often have discounted subscriptions.  Literary magazines?  Bit a of a rare bird.)

Deadline: Wednesday, October 12th.

Submit now!


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