Dig into the Clapboard House Archive and Submit Your Stories!

Staying with the theme of our budget writing, Clapboard House Literary Journal offers a wide selection of excerpts from past issues on their website archive.  So before submitting by their deadline–NOVEMBER 1st–get a taste of what they like.What They Want: short fiction sub-3,000 words or 3 poems.

When They Want It:  November 1st

How They Want It:  Via email.  See further submission guidelines here.

Submission Fee?  Nope.

Accept Simultaneous Submissions?  Yes.

Response Time:  Unknown.

5 thoughts on “Dig into the Clapboard House Archive and Submit Your Stories!

    • hannahkarena says:

      Yey, good luck!! Come back and share what the submission response time was when you hear back! Hope you get an acceptance letter :]

    • hannahkarena says:

      I’m so glad that you find my posts useful!! You’re so welcome!! I’m always looking out for new places to submit; any journals you’re particularly fond of that you’d recommend?

      • lovethebadguy says:

        Now that you mention it, I am quite fond of THE FIRST LINE.

        I’ve only recently discovered it, but it accepts quarterly submissions (with no reading fee!) for its competitions. The only rule: All stories must begin with the same line, which is given to you.

        The final one for the year is “It had been a long year.”


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