Dig into the Clapboard House Archive and Submit Your Stories!

Staying with the theme of our budget writing, Clapboard House Literary Journal offers a wide selection of excerpts from past issues on their website archive.  So before submitting by their deadline–NOVEMBER 1st–get a taste of what they like.What They Want: short fiction sub-3,000 words or 3 poems.

When They Want It:  November 1st

How They Want It:  Via email.  See further submission guidelines here.

Submission Fee?  Nope.

Accept Simultaneous Submissions?  Yes.

Response Time:  Unknown.


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author & book publishing person.

5 thoughts on “Dig into the Clapboard House Archive and Submit Your Stories!

    1. Yey, good luck!! Come back and share what the submission response time was when you hear back! Hope you get an acceptance letter :]


    1. I’m so glad that you find my posts useful!! You’re so welcome!! I’m always looking out for new places to submit; any journals you’re particularly fond of that you’d recommend?


      1. Now that you mention it, I am quite fond of THE FIRST LINE.

        I’ve only recently discovered it, but it accepts quarterly submissions (with no reading fee!) for its competitions. The only rule: All stories must begin with the same line, which is given to you.

        The final one for the year is “It had been a long year.”



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