The Benefits of Being Rejected By the Madison Review

It was a form rejection letter, so I haven’t gained a better idea of what they’re actually looking for, but at least I can share the previously unknown fact that you can expect the Madison Review to get back to you in one month, like they did for me.

In case you are interested in submitting, here is the rest of the information that can make that possible:

What They Want:  Unpublished short stories (max 30 pages) and poetry (max 5 clocking in at a combined 15 page maximum).

When They Want It:  Whenever.  Rolling submissions.

How They Want It:  Via submittable.

Simultaneous Submissions?  Yes.

Archive:  here.

Submission Fee?  Yes, $2.00.

Payment? Nope.

Official Submission Response Time: Unknown

Personal Submission Response Time: 1 month (30 days) exactly


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