Hey Girl, These Are a Few of Book-Lovers’ Favorite Things

Hey girl (or guy), if you haven’t heard about the recent Ryan Gosling fad in the book world yet, it’s about time you did. There has been a fiery explosion of popular tumblrs, one to satisfy every breed of book lovers, in which attractive photographs of Ryan Gosling are paired with variations of supportive, comforting comments and awesome pick-up lines that make the frustration of a broken copier (among other things) melt away.

Do you work in publishing?

Ryan Gosling Works in Publishing too. And he loves his coworkers.

Do you love reading YA literature?

Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult fiction too. And sometimes he cries.

Do you love burrowing among the dusty shelves of a library?

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling likes the library too.

Do you typeset books, like Typographer Ryan Gosling? He understands your struggles.

And, personally, I just love that Ryan Gosling loves museums. Because they’re one of my favorite places in the world.

Also, I really love NPR and StoryCorps. The fact that Ryan Gosling hearts it makes it that much better.

There are some others, like Hey Girl, I’m a Serial Killer–which I think kills the mood–but this article provides some other options if none of the above float your boat.

Another thing which only reading/writing/grammar Nazi/English major nerds like us would enjoy is the new Broadway comedy, Seminar, starring Alan Rickman, aka Severus Snape.

In SEMINAR, four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard (Alan Rickman), an international literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant and unorthodox instruction, some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon and hearts are unmoored. The wordplay is not the only thing that turns vicious as innocence collides with experience in this biting new comedy. This is its world premiere.

It looks hilarious and I want to see it so badly. Writer’s Digest is currently holding a contest to win free tickets (see instructions on how to enter to win here), but if that doesn’t pan out, I’m catching the train up to NYC and paying full price to see it. Anybody want to come along?


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