To the Former Owner of My New Home

blue living room, white fireplace, brown couch, parkay floors
My cool new condo and the most comfortable couch ever. See the snow out the windows?

I am officially a homeowner. Or, at least, a condo owner. I spent all of Friday scrubbing down every surface I could reach in preparation of move in (of course, on Saturday, aka Move-In Day, it snowed. What a pain). Though it’s a tiny place–not more than eight hundred square feet–and a little lacking in storage, the former owner still managed to leave behind some curious objects in the nooks and crannies:

  1. A plastic shoe horn;
  2. A box of trauma gauze (location: bottom shelf in the bedroom closet);
  3. An unopened package containing a cooking apron which is both waterproof and a “stylish look,” according to the label;
  4. An aluminum pot;
  5. An old National Geographic map with his life travels marked in red marker (Kiev, Czechoslovakia; Dublin, Ireland; and New York, New York); and, behind the map
  6. A single, colorful Czechoslovakian note/bill. Worth: unknown.

I wonder what the stories are behind all of that.


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