The Music of District 12

Do you love Taylor Swift? How about the Decemberists and Glen Hansard? The Hunger Games sound track is certainly going to be a haunting playlist. So excited!

The Music of District 12.

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6 thoughts on “The Music of District 12

      1. I don’t mind the Harry Potter films — mostly because I think their casting was, for the most part, incredibly well done — but nothing EVER beats the book. It just isn’t possible!


  1. Did you like reading The Hunger Games? I really liked the concept of the story, but I really didn’t like the writing.


    1. Hi Alyssa! I did like reading The Hunger Games. I definitely agree that the story and development (plot and character-wise) was stronger than the writing, but I didn’t think the writing was bad–just a little plain, but still completely functional. Some books–Nicolas Sparks books come to mind–are written so poorly that I can’t even enjoy the story, because I just want to edit and rewrite his sentences. I don’t think the Hunger Games’s writing was detrimental to my personal reading experience. (Except for those last 10 dreadful pages of the third book.) Did it bother you the whole time?


      1. To be honest, when I first picked it up, it did. Then the story got too good that I couldn’t put it down. And I agree, the last ten pages of the third book where awful. I was blind-sided by the whole ending!


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