Calling for Submissions! Book About Byberry State Hospital, Philadelphia

Byberry State Hospital, PhiladelphiaThe research for this Byberry State Hospital book is going great. I’m collecting lots of information and learning SO MUCH. I didn’t even know Conscience Objectors did public service during WWII–I thought they escaped to Canada, a la Vietnam war–let alone know that thousands actually worked, for no pay, in the state mental hospitals.

However, the pictures are proving more difficult. I need 180 photographs for this book. So far I have digital copies and the rights (the rights are the time-consuming part of this process) to 21 photographs. See the frighteningly wide gap between them?

A lot of you have already kindly contacted me stating that you don’t know anything about Byberry and you don’t have any photographs. I’m asking that you spread the word so as many Philadelphia residents and former Philadelphia residents who know anything about Byberry hear about this call for submission.

Please post a link in your next blog post, tweet about it, press this post, spread this flier around the social media sites. Instead of printing it out and posting it on pin-up boards everywhere, (well, I am going to do that too), help post this flier in as many online places as possible.

I’m looking for pictures of staff members, patients (before, after, or during their time at Byberry), and photographs of the building itself. Maybe they’re photos of your parents, your grandparents, your aunts, and uncles. Try digging through your family photo albums and asking questions.

Maybe you’ll find out something you never even knew.

Everyone who contributes will get full credit in the book!

Please and thank you!



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