On Getting Your Writing Anthologized

Imagine this, but the 2012 version, coming soon (October) with MY writing inside!

The moment you find out, you get this warm, fuzzy, ridiculously happy feeling. And then you look at previous editions of the anthology on Amazon to see their popularity/sales ranking. Then you look at those same past editions on Goodreads to see how many people actually read them and liked them. And then you go and rewrite your author bio everywhere it exists on the internet or in your files, never copying and pasting it but rather rewriting it over and over again so you can revel in the excitement and joy of this accomplishment and do a little happy dance every time you start typing out the new sentence “. . . and with work anthologized by Press 53.”

I actually got the call informing me I had been awarded Honorable Mention, and would thus be included in the anthology, a few weeks ago. But they asked that I keep it hushed until they had made the official announcement.

FINALLY! I can celebrate with all of you!


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18 thoughts on “On Getting Your Writing Anthologized

    1. Thanks Carol! I LOVE Farley’s. I’m familiar with their indie pride displays in the front, but never picked up a copy of Press 53 before. Great post and thanks for letting me know! Now I can direct everyone to Farley’s–a real bookstore, eeeee!–to pick up a copy in October! I can’t wait to see it on shelves!


      1. Definitely Hannah! You should check with Farley’s or perhaps pre-order a copy so you’ll make sure they do have copies on their shelves. I’m not sure if they pick up every single publication put out by Press 53.


      2. Good suggestion! I’ll definitely preorder a copy when the publication date gets closer. I’ll encourage certain family members to do so as well…:]


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