Philadelphia and the Ploughshares Literary Boroughs Series

Miscellanea Libri, in the Reading Terminal Market

It’s up! My guest post is up!

If you live in the Philadelphia area, are moving to town, or just want to know what’s occurring on the Philadelphia literary scene (where to read, where to write, where to get published) definitely check it out!

I had a lot of fun doing the research for this project. Though over the years I’ve attended a lot of events–such as the Push to Publish conference–and was involved with Philadelphia Stories through my internship, this blog post gave me a whole new appreciation for the city. Normally, we of the suburbs avoid adventuring into Philly too often, but I’m starting to really appreciate how many things there are to do there. I think that as teenagers we labeled it as “lame,” just because it was nearby and familiar and we never got past that negative stereotype.

I’ve really been enjoying the entire Literary Boroughs blog series. There have already been posts on Minneapolis, Ithaca, Brooklyn, Omaha, Portsmouth, and Morocco. It’ll be running until next spring, one post a week, so keep tuned to explore other cities!


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11 thoughts on “Philadelphia and the Ploughshares Literary Boroughs Series

  1. Can’t wait to go read your guest post. I’m about 90 minutes west of Philly and NEVER go there. We used to live in Baltimore, so I’m more likely travel 90 minutes in that direction.


    1. It’s definitely worth the trip! Philadelphia has so much to offer–Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Art Museum, Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Mutter Museum, a really amazing zoo–you should see all of it at least once! Though I admit that I’m not terribly far from Baltimore and I certainly haven’t properly explored that city. Maybe a road trip is in order!


  2. How exciting! I loved that there were things I learned about Philly that I never knew. I submitted an inquiry to write for one of their towns. Keeping fingers crossed!


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