Two Writing Desks are Better than One

I’ve long been fascinated with writing spaces. Whether they were the writing nooks of famous authors (or, even better, their personal writing sheds) or the desks of freelancers and other lesser knowns or even just the organization design suggestions of Better Homes and Gardens or Pottery Barn, I’ve spent many a long hour examining the structure of others’ writing spaces.

I’m a big fan of Roald Dahl’s writing shed.

It’s because I never had a writing space of my own before; at least, not a regular one that didn’t have some other primary purpose first (homework/studying, etc.) After years of collecting ideas and ripping pages out of magazines, I’ve finally designed my own perfect writing space.

I love it. It’s so pretty, so functional, and just so me. Kristin, host of the Where Writers Write guest blog series was kind enough to interview me about my writing space and my writing routine (for those of you interested in how the 14-hours-a-week of scheduled writing time is going…) Check the post out for more photos of my not one but two writing desks.

(Image 1, 2)


28 thoughts on “Two Writing Desks are Better than One

  1. Heidi Street says:

    Wow! It’s so adorable! I have only a box bedroom as my writer’s space, so it’s a nightmare actually getting anything done! I don’t even have a desk! I have to go out and write in places like college, the library and coffee shops! Good luck with you writing endeavors!

    • hannahkarena says:

      That’s how my life was for so long! I’ve never had enough space/lived anywhere permanently enough to have an official writing space. It’s such a relief to finally have one. Thank you! Good luck in your own writing endeavors!

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m fascinated by writing spaces as well, and Dahl’s is one of my favorites as well. I’m fortunate to have my own office, unfortunately I can never seem to keep it clean!

  3. squirrel circus says:

    So cool! Does the white desk fold down from the wall? Such a great use of space! I spent forever doing up my little library upstairs, and I should spend more time in there. I struggle with wanting to be in the middle of everything, with Scott, the kids, and Bailey (where I’m sitting right now!)

    • hannahkarena says:

      Yes it does! And when I fold it back up, it has a little latch and it stays closed shut and looks very decorative up there on the wall.

      That is the hard part about designing the perfect work space–if you work/write from home, the home and family part is so tempting! It’s hard to shut yourself away, no matter how wonderful a space it is!

    • hannahkarena says:

      Thanks, I love that antique desk (that’s the one you were referring to, no?) I don’t have to worry about keeping it neat–there are SO many little hidden drawers that I just hide all the messes away. Trust me, it’s deceptive. And totally functional.

  4. L.M. Sherwin says:

    SUCH a neat post. I am in the daydream stages of planning my perfect writing space. I have a pretty awesome one in the house I have now, but in my next house…I have fantasies about my writing office, LOL. Your space looks AWESOME! I love the fold out desk and that it has shelves inside. It’s like a little secret writing getaway!

    • hannahkarena says:

      Awesome! What do you dream about putting in your fantasy writing space/what would be different from your current one? The daydreaming part is the most fun, when you can consider so many different themes and layouts…Hope it turns out as wonderful as you imagine!

      • L.M. Sherwin says:

        Well…the inner Tolkien nerd in me wants to have a hobbit hole for a writing shed one day! That would be my absolute dream. If that doesn’t happen, I’d love to have a cottage-themed room with lots of bright light and pretty soft colors. What about you!?

  5. kaylamichelleoverbey says:

    That treehouse writing space sounds absolutely enchanting, especially in the throes of a storm. What an enriching experience. I’ve always been jealous of people who had treehouses. If we had one, I would have written in it, too. How magical for you!

    • hannahkarena says:

      I love treehouses! I never really appreciated the treehouse until I was older and realized how awesome it is! Also, as much as I like looking at writing spaces online, I also love looking at innovative treehouse designs. It’s an addiction.

  6. Brett says:

    That’s awesome! Very interesting. I don’t quite have a writing space, but I have a ritual, when I can: I always open the nearest window, light a candle, and have a cup of tea in reach. Goodluck with your space.

      • Brett says:

        Haha, I guess it started because my room was always really cold and for some reason I felt the candle warmed it up. A little delusion can go a long way.

  7. onesmartpoptart says:

    I’m straight-up lusting after that little white convertible desk. It’s basically the smartest thing ever. I covered it once in a roundup for a home decor site and have been dreaming about it ever since! Glad to see it in action, doing its part for an awesome blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hannahkarena says:

      I LOVE it! It’s just so perfect for a little space like mine (my writing space is only 36 square feet, after all). I saw it on Apartment Therapy, actually–was that the round up you wrote? There were a whole bunch of awesome desks for small spaces featured–and hunted around the internet until I found one for sale. Also, it’s the one thing in my whole condo that gets the most compliments. And compliments are always nice :]

  8. Lauren says:

    We have the same desk!! The dark brown, wooden one. Isn’t it the best? My grandfather gave me mine years ago. I love the secret compartments. This is so funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hannahkarena says:

      I love that desk! My dad bought it for me, secretly, the summer I turned eighteen. We had gone to a fair together and there was an antique dealer there and I kept sighing over this desk. A few days later, my dad brought it home as a surprise.

      That’s hilarious that we have the same desk, especially being so far apart, geographically. The secret compartments are one of my favorite party games, of sorts. When my boyfriend’s family helped me move into my new place, I told the boys that there are two hidden compartments in it. They searched for nearly a half hour and couldn’t find them! They thought I was making it up! Eventually I showed them where they were and now they call it my “drug desk” because apparently that’s all the hidden compartments are good for? I don’t know, but it’s funny.

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