Falling in Love with Publicity and Publishing

Marnise's Publishing Advice

Welcome to the guest blogging series, So, You Want to Work in Publishing, where publishing professionals share their personal stories of how they broke into the industry. The guest bloggers and I hope that you find our stories encouraging, informative, and helpful in your own path to a publishing career.

If you’re a publishing professional interested in contributing to the blog series, feel free to contact me at HannahKJones10@yahoo.com.

Today, I’m so happy to welcome Marnise, someone I actually met through this very blog series! She stumbled across the series, loved it, and connected with me on LinkedIn. When reviewing her profile, I was so interested in her experiences–Publicity? Awesome. Working remotely? Even more awesome! Doing it all while juggling a full college course load? Impressive!–and I’m so happy she was willing to share her story about how she pursued and even created her opportunities. Marnise’s story is a great example of how valuable social media can be when trying to break into the industry.

Name: Marnise Tucker
Current Title: Associate Publicist, Entangled Publishing, LLC. & Editorial/Publicity Intern with Publishing Trendsetters
Hometown:  Hartford, CT
Currently enrolled in:  Post University, B.A. in Marketing
Currently work and live in: I work from home (remotely)

My path to publishing:

Originally I was interested in interning at a literary agency and studying to become a Literary Agent. As in life, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. My first internship at Euterpe YA Books, an imprint of Musa Publishing, actually ended up being heavily focused on PR and publicity work. At the end of the 6 month internship my interest in publicity was piqued. With publicity in mind, I searched again for internships. I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for. I began interning with Entangled Publishing in mid-August and I love it. It was completely different from what I was expecting but at the same time, thrilling and fun.

How I found out about my first publishing job:

I actually found out about the internship with Entangled through twitter. When I first became interested in publishing, I took the initiative to finding like-minded individuals. Being that I lived away from the big publishing scene, I decided the best way was to connect with people online. I must have followed every literary agency, editor, publicist, and author that you could find on twitter. I made a habit of reaching out to industry vets, asking them about their companies, their latest projects and just making connections. You would be surprised at just how many publishing internships are posted on twitter.

I found my most recent internship by putting myself out there and simply asking if Publishing Trendsetter’s would be interested in a remote intern. As it turns out, they were interested!

What my typical day looks like…

I absolutely love working remotely. Just because you don’t live in NYC doesn’t mean you can’t work in publishing or publicity. At Entangled I spend my day’s liaison with my author’s, my publicity team, and the media. I create blog tours, garner press, and promote, promote, promote!!!! I love working with my author.

With Publishing Trendsetter’s I research industry news for a column I run, as well as other special projects as they come in. Be sure and check out “5 Top Publishing News Stories of the Week” for a summary of weekly industry news.


Connect with me!

I would love for you all to connect with me on Linkedin and Twitter! @marnisetucker

Let me know you stopped by!


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