Quarantine Diaries

I’ve revised a manuscript, baked (several recipes from this delicious book), experimented with homemade pasta, rearranged furniture, joined digital cocktail hours, attended lifestream exercise classes, planted a tiny vegetable garden, combed through 10,000 dog adoption websites, washed 100,000 dishes, DIYed, binge-watched the entirety of Brooklyn 99, read a couple books, and now I’ve even overhauled this website. Welcome! I think it’s pretty.

Next time you see me, I might have even resorted to cleaning out my car.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Thought I’d take the time to recommend a few things:

WWI/WWII-adjacent stories are a current source of joy. I normally enjoy historical fiction, but right now, in particular, I’m gravitating towards stories with giant global disasters in the distant background, while the main plot focuses on the more domestic matters actually within the character’s control: solving a murder, mending a relationship, digging into family secrets. It’s a calming distraction, escapism in its purest form. Specifically, I’ve been binging Foyle’s War and finished the fifth book in the Kopp Sister’s series. And we even managed a game night on Google Hangouts solving the last case in this Sherlock Holmes board game (our group has been playing for more than a year, highly recommend). Perhaps the mental puzzle/problem solving of a detective story  offers a mental relief? If that sounds like your cup of tea, may I recommend further reading materials: Murder, Magic, and What We Wore, World’s Greatest Detective, Strange Practice, Killers of the Flower Moon. (Thank goodness for libraries and digital options like Hoopla and Libby and CloudLibrary.)

On that note, the WIP has meant I’ve had scavenger hunts on the brain and on my TBR list for a long time, which have a similar mentally-consuming puzzle-factor. Perhaps you’re in the mood, too? Book Scavenger, York, The Parker Inheritance, The Ambrose Deception.

Otherwise, the garden has truly been paying dividends this spring. It’s been such a joy to go out every day and see what things have returned (the ferns! the bleeding hearts!) and what’s blooming. I’m very excited to see the literal fruits of our labor in a few months: concord grapes, blackberries, blueberries, mint, tomatoes.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram where, in non-quarantine times, I tend to spend the majority of my social media time.

Hope you and yours are well.


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