Chapbook Contest–Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction

On the ride home from work yesterday I got the germ of a new book idea.  I want it to be a collection of creative non-fiction essays organized around a theme.  Aside from basically everything David Sedaris writes, there aren’t many non-fiction short story collection books for sale in stores.  So I was wondering, howContinue reading “Chapbook Contest–Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction”

How I Wrote My First Book in a Rage and Survived

Inspired by a recent post over at storytelling nomad’s blog about authors who are evasive when answering the question “how did I start writing,” I thought I’d elaborate a bit, personally. I’ve already mentioned my notebooks/journals.  After reading the entire series of Amelia’s notebooks, I wanted to write funny records just like hers.  My firstContinue reading “How I Wrote My First Book in a Rage and Survived”

Dear Authors: How Dare You Kill Off Your Main Characters

SPOILER ALERT!  I will be discussing details of the books One Day by David Nicholls and The Sight by David Clement-Davies that will generally spoil the endings.  You’ve been warned. The first time I read a book in which the narrator died, I was morally offended.  I had fallen in love with the character andContinue reading “Dear Authors: How Dare You Kill Off Your Main Characters”

This is True Memoir, Honestly!

Back from vacation and ready to dive back into the writing world.  During downtime at the shore house I managed to write a new creative non-fiction short story (no title yet, I’m stuck*).  I realized earlier this afternoon that nearly all my publishing credits are creative non-fiction, which is strange because I actually consider myselfContinue reading “This is True Memoir, Honestly!”

Announcement: I’m Getting Published in Weave Magazine!

Just received the good news and thought I’d share it with you! Weave magazine has a real-life, tested submission response time of exactly 2 months.  And in my case, it was an acceptance letter!  Look forward to reading my short story, “To The New Owners of my Childhood Home,” in the upcoming September December issue.

The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule

There are these cardinal writing rules that everyone chants like a mantra.  One of them is “write what you know” and if you’ve been following this blog you already know that I think that rule is a bunch of baloney.   Another one is “do not write in dialect.”  Or, at least, as this articleContinue reading “The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule”