An Opportunity to Virtually Visit a 9/11 Memorial

Around midnight, I visited the Garden of Reflection in Lower Makefield, PA.  The fountain is composed of two, 9-foot-high towers of water symbolizing the missing Twin Towers surrounded by a shallow pool of water.  Illuminated by spotlights, the water towers looked unsubstantial, like tall, solemn ghosts.  A string of hand-drawn hearts the size of myContinue reading “An Opportunity to Virtually Visit a 9/11 Memorial”

My StoryCorps Moment: Remembering 9/11

I’ve been listening to NPR a lot this week and most of the reports have been circulating on various topics surrounding 9/11.  One is about the psychology of the generations who don’t remember the event.  It seems strange, but I guess I’m probably one of the youngest age-groups that can vividly remember the events ofContinue reading “My StoryCorps Moment: Remembering 9/11”