Dear Bookmobile, A Love Letter

Yesterday, my boyfriend stayed at my quiet new home to do homework (and to exhaust the Energizer Kitten, for my sake) while I went to work. He didn’t plan on having a very exciting day, but excitement thrust itself upon him when, to his great shock, the musical melody of an ice cream truck leaked through the window crack.

“Ice cream?” he wondered, with a mixture of great anticipation and confusion. “In January?” Also, it was early afternoon and local children were definitely still at school, which seemed like an ineffective schedule.

When he peeked out the window, he was confronted with the sight of a large white bus painted with colorful cartoons. Apparently, my local library system has a Bookmobile, with it’s own, independent book collection, and according to the official Bookmobile schedule, it travels through my neighborhood every other week! I feel so catered to. Though, unfortunately, it only visits during the work day and I will not be able to explore the shelves myself, my boyfriend has already promised to take orders and check out books for me. Also, I will obviously travel (by which I mean, get lost) to wherever the Bookmobile is on Saturdays because I must experience this awesomeness myself.

First thing tomorrow: getting a local library card and then hunting down the Bookmobile.

I’m liking this plan.