Switching Careers: Leaving Law for the World of Words

  Name: Erynn Im-Sato Current Title: Sales Rep, Proprietary and Display Marketer Sales Hometown:  Torrance, California Graduated From: UC Santa Barbara, 2005 Currently work and live: HarperCollins Publishers, New York My path to publishing: I was an English major in college and I thought I wanted to be a journalist or editor. My first job outContinue reading “Switching Careers: Leaving Law for the World of Words”

So, You Want to Work in Publishing

I got my dream job pretty much right out of college: an editor at a book publishing company. But as those of you who have broken into the publishing industry know–and as those who haven’t broken in yet, probably suspect–it wasn’t easy to get a job in publishing. When I went to The Susquehanna ReviewContinue reading “So, You Want to Work in Publishing”