#1 Writing Contest Everybody Must Submit To Before They Die

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Everybody knows this opening line.  It’s famous, infamous, and considered terribly, terribly cliché by the average creative writing professor.  But did you know that it inspired one of the more popular annual writing contests, the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest?  It’s a contest where the (intentionally) worst written opening sentenceContinue reading “#1 Writing Contest Everybody Must Submit To Before They Die”

This is True Memoir, Honestly!

Back from vacation and ready to dive back into the writing world.  During downtime at the shore house I managed to write a new creative non-fiction short story (no title yet, I’m stuck*).  I realized earlier this afternoon that nearly all my publishing credits are creative non-fiction, which is strange because I actually consider myselfContinue reading “This is True Memoir, Honestly!”

What NOT to Do When Submitting to Literary Journals

We’ve been over some of these creative writing submission “don’ts” before, but I think that this article, “The Number One Worst Mistake A Writer Can Make When Submitting,” from Writer’s Relief is pretty valuable in that the quotes are from real life editors working for real life publications.  It even provides the links to theirContinue reading “What NOT to Do When Submitting to Literary Journals”

Submit to Sucker: A Debuting Young Adult Fiction Literary Magazine

Are you a YA writer who’s having trouble finding a place to submit your work, let alone get it published?  I noticed when reading the SCBWI newsletter that most recent YA and middle grade writing has been published by a select group of magazines: Highlights, Cicada, and Cricket being the top three.  Not that theseContinue reading “Submit to Sucker: A Debuting Young Adult Fiction Literary Magazine”

Writing Advice From Neil Gaiman

According to the Random Buzzers, it’s officially Writing Week.  They have a facebook page up called “Writing & Editing Advice from Around the Web” with a bunch of links up, so go check it out if you’re interested.  I’m providing you with one of the links right here because of my inexhaustible fondness for NeilContinue reading “Writing Advice From Neil Gaiman”

Submit to the Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize

The competition for The Susquehanna Review’s Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize is less steep than it is for other literary journals.  Though it’s nationally distributed, it only accepts submissions from current undergraduates.  As I’ve mentioned before, you want to submit to writing contests that narrow down the pool as much as possible, so if you’reContinue reading “Submit to the Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize”

The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule

There are these cardinal writing rules that everyone chants like a mantra.  One of them is “write what you know” and if you’ve been following this blog you already know that I think that rule is a bunch of baloney.   Another one is “do not write in dialect.”  Or, at least, as this articleContinue reading “The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule”

Even Ernest Hemingway Got Rejection Letters

To make you all feel a bit better about your most recent rejection letters, to keep you amused while you wait for some more rejection letters, and to encourage you to ignore those rejection letters and keep submitting your short stories and manuscripts anyway, I thought I’d provide a link to this rather hilarious articleContinue reading “Even Ernest Hemingway Got Rejection Letters”

Patience is (Allegedly) a Virtue

I think this is more of a wives tale than a proverb, personally.  What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever waited to hear back from a journal or literary agent?  How do you all stay patient?  I’m going BONKERS over here.  I’m still waiting on… Painted Bride Quarterly (date submitted: January 4th; what submitted:Continue reading “Patience is (Allegedly) a Virtue”

Some Unpleasant Truths about Publishing and Self-Promotion

A big theme during the books portion of the NYU Summer Publishing Institute that scared me as a writer was that many publishers were publicly announcing that they would not take on an author–even if they were so in love with their manuscript or book proposal that they wanted to marry it–unless they had aContinue reading “Some Unpleasant Truths about Publishing and Self-Promotion”