Writing Shortcuts: (Part 4) Characters

This is the fourth post in the Writing Shortcuts mini series where I discuss all the things I learned in the second draft that I wish I had known (and done right!) during the first draft of my current WIP. Check out post #1 and #2 (setting) and #3 (pacing) to catch up! Apparently everyone in the world besides meContinue reading “Writing Shortcuts: (Part 4) Characters”

Switching Careers: Leaving Law for the World of Words

  Name: Erynn Im-Sato Current Title: Sales Rep, Proprietary and Display Marketer Sales Hometown:  Torrance, California Graduated From: UC Santa Barbara, 2005 Currently work and live: HarperCollins Publishers, New York My path to publishing: I was an English major in college and I thought I wanted to be a journalist or editor. My first job outContinue reading “Switching Careers: Leaving Law for the World of Words”

My Book’s All Grown Up!

It’s not my book, exactly. This gripping exploration of the brutally violent Mexican criminal organization, Los Zetas, was written by George W. Grayson and Samuel Logan. But it is my book in that it’s the first book I shepherded all the way through the editorial process from beginning to end. I was assigned this manuscriptContinue reading “My Book’s All Grown Up!”

“So, You Want to Work in Publishing?”–Andrea Modica

Welcome to the guest blogging series, So, You Want to Work in Publishing! Every Thursday you can look forward to the personal stories of how someone else broke into publishing. The guest bloggers and I hope that you find our stories encouraging, informative, and helpful in your own path to a publishing career. If you’reContinue reading ““So, You Want to Work in Publishing?”–Andrea Modica”

So, You Want to Work in Publishing

I got my dream job pretty much right out of college: an editor at a book publishing company. But as those of you who have broken into the publishing industry know–and as those who haven’t broken in yet, probably suspect–it wasn’t easy to get a job in publishing. When I went to The Susquehanna ReviewContinue reading “So, You Want to Work in Publishing”

How to Edit Out the “Boring” in your Writing

I wrote a particular short story (fiction) two summers ago and was pretty proud of it. I did everything you’re supposed to do–give it to other people to critique, let it sit untouched in a drawer for a couple weeks before reading it again–and after several rounds of editing over the course of a fewContinue reading “How to Edit Out the “Boring” in your Writing”

Writing is Like Digging for Diamonds

I was once told that writing is like excavating diamonds. Raw diamonds are naturally stuck in big chunks of worthless rock that is in turn buried deep in the mud. Stories, similar to diamonds, have an essentially perfect, natural form and the writer’s job is to chip away all the rock and crud until theContinue reading “Writing is Like Digging for Diamonds”

Does Your Writing Reek Enough to Pass the Five Senses Test?

I’ve been reworking a short fiction story for the past two weeks and though I really liked the idea, and was growing increasingly fond of many of the sentences and some of the full-length scenes, I could tell the story wasn’t really popping off the page. If I were being honest with myself, I knewContinue reading “Does Your Writing Reek Enough to Pass the Five Senses Test?”

A Writer’s Day Job

I graduated from my undergraduate degree in May, graduated from the NYU Summer Publishing Institute in July, and got my first grown-up job in August.  I am now an Assistant Editor at Transaction Publishers, this wonderful, scrappy independent academic press that publishes social science books in Piscataway, NJ.  I am so happy here. Everyone keepsContinue reading “A Writer’s Day Job”

How to Delete Paragraphs without Crying

I was getting tired waiting to hear back about the same submissions from the same places and realized that I literally haven’t submitted anything since BEFORE the NYU program. [shocked gasp]  Of course, this is not only completely unacceptable, but an unsustainable writing practice.  Thanks to Kat over at her blog After I Quit MyContinue reading “How to Delete Paragraphs without Crying”