For All the Broke Writers: The Citron Review Lets you Read for Free

An original goal I had for this blog was to provide readers with information about the submission response times for literary journals and magazines I’ve submitted to in the past.  However, I’ve noticed myself recently shying away from publications that don’t offer excerpts online; to read the journal and get a vibe of what theContinue reading “For All the Broke Writers: The Citron Review Lets you Read for Free”


Submission Update for Fiction and Non-Fiction

I haven’t posted a Slow Sunday update in a while because, honestly, I’ve been so busy trying to get employed and housed that I haven’t been submitting (or writing much, which is depressing).  But things are finally starting to calm down (I am employed and temporarily housed, though I’m search for something more permanent inContinue reading “Submission Update for Fiction and Non-Fiction”

How May Banned Books Have You Read?

Going off my last post about taking banned books as reading recommendations, I’m posting a list of the most often-challenged classic books that have been banned in the United States.  To see the specific reasons why these books were banned,  follow this link.  Also, if you’re interested in a more contemporary list, follow this linkContinue reading “How May Banned Books Have You Read?”

When They Came to Delete the Book from the Syllabus

Sorry to have broke my usually reliable blogging schedule.  For some reason a billion writing deadlines have piled up on me this week in particular (I’m submitting something to the Tiny Texas House Writing Competition I mentioned a while back and Sucker magazine, which I mentioned even father back; deadline: this weekend) and instead ofContinue reading “When They Came to Delete the Book from the Syllabus”

How to Be the Most Fashionable Bookworm Ever

There’s always the classic librarian look to fall back on–pearls, sweaters, glasses–but a TRUE book lover represents the books they love by modeling them.  As they say, you are what you…wear? Hard Case Crime is an imprint dedicated to reviving the crime fiction genre in the pulp book format.  They’re known for their amazing retroContinue reading “How to Be the Most Fashionable Bookworm Ever”

Call for Emerging Western (Region, not Genre) Writers!

For all you writers in the great mid-West and Western sector of the United States who think they have a sense of humor, this themed call for submission is for you!  Even if you don’t live there, have you visited?  Think you can spin a good yarn off your experiences there?  Western State Press, theContinue reading “Call for Emerging Western (Region, not Genre) Writers!”