Story Published in Underwater New York

It’s a bit of an unusual premise: create something prompted by one of many strange objects and phenomenon submerged in NYC’s various bodies of water. The list of objects includes things like a shinbone in the New York Harbor, a dead giraffe in the Lower New York Bay, a bag full of lottery tickets inContinue reading “Story Published in Underwater New York”

Philadelphia Literary Journal Pride

As I’ve been combing through Duotrope, New Pages, and Poets & Writer’s in search of new markets to submit my writing to over the past few weeks I’ve slowly come to the realization that Philadelphia has a promising up-and-coming literary scene! Not that Philadelphia shouldn’t naturally be super literary and cultural–it is one of theContinue reading “Philadelphia Literary Journal Pride”

To the Glitter End . . . Get Your Nailpolish Stories Published!

I’ve heard a lot of people wonder aloud who the lucky guy is who gets to invent awesome crayon color names for a living (did you know there’s 120 core Crayola color names?). Seriously, can you imagine coming up with brilliant creative names like “macaroni and cheese” and “mango tango” and getting paid for it?Continue reading “To the Glitter End . . . Get Your Nailpolish Stories Published!”

The Scoop on New South Journal

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the rejection letters I got in the past month was for New South, the official literary art journal of George State University. I submitted a fiction story that I’ve been shopping around for two years now–a story I’ve fixed-up, reorganized, and rewrote at the recommendation ofContinue reading “The Scoop on New South Journal”

For All the Broke Writers: The Citron Review Lets you Read for Free

An original goal I had for this blog was to provide readers with information about the submission response times for literary journals and magazines I’ve submitted to in the past.  However, I’ve noticed myself recently shying away from publications that don’t offer excerpts online; to read the journal and get a vibe of what theContinue reading “For All the Broke Writers: The Citron Review Lets you Read for Free”

WOW! A Great Writing Contest for Women

Sorry guys, bad news.  This writing contest is only for females (I know!  Sorry!) WOW! stands for Women on Writing, you see.  But ladies, this is good news for you because it instantly cuts out half of the competition.  Another thing that’s cutting down the competition is the fact that they’re limiting the contest toContinue reading “WOW! A Great Writing Contest for Women”

Enter NANO’s Flash Fiction Writing Contest

Just a quick link to the 2011 NANO writing prize. What They Want: flash fiction, micro essay, or prose of 300-words or less.  Cannot be previously published. How They Want It: via snail mail or submishmash. When They Want It:  August 31st Entry Fee?  Yes, $15 for 3 shorts. Prize?  Yes, $500   Sorry, forContinue reading “Enter NANO’s Flash Fiction Writing Contest”

Win WEAVE Magazine’s 1st Annual Writing Contest

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Weave Magazine is a dark and fabulous literary journal.  Or, as they like to describe it: Weave is dark humor and magical realism. Weave is strange and fantastical. Weave also loves realistic narratives in fiction and poetry. Weave loves honest and simple nonfiction, not confessional for confessions sake. Weave loves strong,Continue reading “Win WEAVE Magazine’s 1st Annual Writing Contest”

Writing Tips Thanks to ThrillerFest 2011

In honor of ThrillerFest, which I attended today, I figured I would post a journal for those writers who love to read and write in the thriller genre. I admit, it’s not the normal writing contest that I post on Fridays.  But this journal (The Strand Magazine) pays, so getting published there would be justContinue reading “Writing Tips Thanks to ThrillerFest 2011”

How to Get Published in Southern Literary Journals and A Writing Prompt

I promised to provide some inspirational photos from my vacation so here they are, along with an inspirational, creative writing prompt. Apparently, Savannah, Georgia is one huge graveyard.  When they wanted more space, the city decided to pave over huge sections of the original graveyard and build houses; also, some Civil War soldiers’ amputated bodyContinue reading “How to Get Published in Southern Literary Journals and A Writing Prompt”