Top 15 Books on My TBR ASAP Pile

Inspired by the Top Ten Tuesday meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish (I know, I’m a day late) I felt the need to pare down my intimidating TBR list of 800+ books on Goodreads to something a little shorter, a little more able to fit on a single post-it note when trotting offContinue reading “Top 15 Books on My TBR ASAP Pile”

I Love Free Books

How many of you use Goodreads? [counts hands] How many of you enter into those Goodreads giveaways? [counts hands] If you didn’t raise your hand for one or both of the above questions, CHANGE THIS RIGHT NOW. If you love books–which I assume you do, if you’re reading this, because I talk about them quiteContinue reading “I Love Free Books”

Go Read 5 YA Books, Then Talk to Me

Just as a preface, this post was inspired by a request from G.P. Merwede, who’s not a #1 fan of YA literature, but wanted to hear more of my thoughts on the matter. I totally respect that there will be a difference of opinions and I want to make clear that don’t like him orContinue reading “Go Read 5 YA Books, Then Talk to Me”