Want to Work in Publishing? Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Connections!

Welcome to the guest blogging series, So, You Want to Work in Publishing, where publishing professionals share their personal stories of how they broke into the industry. The guest bloggers and I hope that you find our stories encouraging, informative, and helpful in your own path to a publishing career. If you’re a publishing professionalContinue reading “Want to Work in Publishing? Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Connections!”

Are You a Series Addict?

I love reading series. Once your hooked, they give you something to look forward to (Book 2, Book 3, Book 4!) When I was in elementary school, The Magic Tree House books had just started to come out and in quick succession I fell in love with the Babysitter Club books (who didn’t?), Hardy Boys,Continue reading “Are You a Series Addict?”

So, You’re Going to the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, 2012

We’ll be taking a brief break from the normally scheduled blog series “So, You Want to Work in Publishing” this week. If you’ve missed any of the advice of Season 1, you can find it all right here. If you’re a publishing professional interested in guest blogging for Season 2, just let me know! InContinue reading “So, You’re Going to the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, 2012”

So, You Want to Work in Publishing

I got my dream job pretty much right out of college: an editor at a book publishing company. But as those of you who have broken into the publishing industry know–and as those who haven’t broken in yet, probably suspect–it wasn’t easy to get a job in publishing. When I went to The Susquehanna ReviewContinue reading “So, You Want to Work in Publishing”