Dear 2012, You’re Not So Shabby: My Year in Review

As fun as it is to write these year in review posts, it’s even more fun to read the one from the year before. I can’t believe that it was only last year, in 2011, that I got my very first publishing credit (a short story in a local magazine)! Wow, did 2012 certainly bringContinue reading “Dear 2012, You’re Not So Shabby: My Year in Review”

J. K. Rowling, in Person

It took an hour’s train ride, a leisurely hour’s walk down 8th Avenue, and more than two hours waiting afterwards to get it, but here it is: J. K. Rowling’s autograph on her newest book, The Casual Vacancy. Whenever I look at this signature in the future, I’m going to remember the awesome moment IContinue reading “J. K. Rowling, in Person”

Save the Date, Bookworm Style!

Last spring, Allison Bechdel came to my university campus to speak. I’d long been a huge fan and chronic re-reader of her most popular and widely acclaimed graphic novel, Fun Home, and it was fascinating to learn about her extremely detailed creative process. When I say her drawings take a long time, I mean aContinue reading “Save the Date, Bookworm Style!”

Reading Material, Including a Little Known Harry Potter Short Story

Every once in a while I need to step away from my latest creative writing project and get some fresh perspective on the craft. On Writing by Stephen King I’m not a huge fan of Stephen King–I know, I know, this fact outrages a lot of people–or his writing style, this book included.  I wasContinue reading “Reading Material, Including a Little Known Harry Potter Short Story”