Reading in 2020

’tis the season for book giving! I love to comb through my Goodreads Challenge in December to figure out which books I’m going to buy for the loved ones on my gift list. The silver lining of going nowhere and doing nothing this year is that my husband and I finally have the time toContinue reading “Reading in 2020”

A Whale of a Tale: Bookish Vacations and Literary Landmarks

The past month has been a whirlwind of last minute book deadlines and long distance road trips. The boyfriend and I spent a week mid-April in Cape Cod. It was pre-season so it was cold, many things (including the Nantucket Nectar juice stand, curses!!) were closed, and it was generally pretty empty. With our inn,Continue reading “A Whale of a Tale: Bookish Vacations and Literary Landmarks”

Dear Bookmobile, A Love Letter

Yesterday, my boyfriend stayed at my quiet new home to do homework (and to exhaust the Energizer Kitten, for my sake) while I went to work. He didn’t plan on having a very exciting day, but excitement thrust itself upon him when, to his great shock, the musical melody of an ice cream truck leakedContinue reading “Dear Bookmobile, A Love Letter”

Hey Girl, These Are a Few of Book-Lovers’ Favorite Things

Hey girl (or guy), if you haven’t heard about the recent Ryan Gosling fad in the book world yet, it’s about time you did. There has been a fiery explosion of popular tumblrs, one to satisfy every breed of book lovers, in which attractive photographs of Ryan Gosling are paired with variations of supportive, comfortingContinue reading “Hey Girl, These Are a Few of Book-Lovers’ Favorite Things”

Dear Indie Bookstores: Stop Judging Books by their Covers

When you’re driving, sometimes you encounter some very important people–read, jerks–who break all the rules; they go fifty miles over the speed limit, weave around you in closely-packed traffic, and almost cause four car crashes before they speed out of sight. Some people get mad at these rude drivers and let out a stream ofContinue reading “Dear Indie Bookstores: Stop Judging Books by their Covers”