Another “Best Of” List: Nailpolish Stories 2012

This is fun news! My short/flash story, “In My Back Pocket,” a 25-word story inspired by an unusual nail polish color name published back in April, was selected as one of the best of the year! Nailpolish Stories: A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal chose one story from each monthly issue and published it inContinue reading “Another “Best Of” List: Nailpolish Stories 2012″

I Didn’t Win the Megamillion, But I Did Win . . .

A free copy of The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, all the way from Florida! Lauren is a book-loving librarian (goodness forbid there’s any other kind!) who has started an awesome book-giveaway contest on her blog. She aspires to give used books a good home! Like most libraries, we have a mini store thatContinue reading “I Didn’t Win the Megamillion, But I Did Win . . .”

Philadelphia Literary Journal Pride

As I’ve been combing through Duotrope, New Pages, and Poets & Writer’s in search of new markets to submit my writing to over the past few weeks I’ve slowly come to the realization that Philadelphia has a promising up-and-coming literary scene! Not that Philadelphia shouldn’t naturally be super literary and cultural–it is one of theContinue reading “Philadelphia Literary Journal Pride”

To the Glitter End . . . Get Your Nailpolish Stories Published!

I’ve heard a lot of people wonder aloud who the lucky guy is who gets to invent awesome crayon color names for a living (did you know there’s 120 core Crayola color names?). Seriously, can you imagine coming up with brilliant creative names like “macaroni and cheese” and “mango tango” and getting paid for it?Continue reading “To the Glitter End . . . Get Your Nailpolish Stories Published!”