And the Versatile Blogger Award Goes To…

Me!  And many other lovely people.  First is was bestowed upon Katy and her blog The Storytelling Nomad and now she has shared it with twelve other bloggers,, myself included.  Thanks Katy!  My impression is that it’s like those chain letters we use to tape to our friends doors when we were in elementary schoolContinue reading “And the Versatile Blogger Award Goes To…”

Poor Choices: Posting Your Book on Your Blog

Should you post your book chapters on your blog?  This is a constant point of debate for bloggers and there are two loyal camps who constantly battle over it.  Every time I stumble across another blog pondering the idea, I reiterate my points and I figured that I would announce them once and for allContinue reading “Poor Choices: Posting Your Book on Your Blog”

4 Things You Should Do While Waiting for Your Million Dollar Book Deal

It is NOT procrastinating.  Cross my heart and swear.  All of the following steps are acts of harvesting material to inspire your brain.  You can’t circle the same ideas in your head all the time.  Your writing will start looking like dirty dish water.  Or laundry water.   So go experience something different to help yourContinue reading “4 Things You Should Do While Waiting for Your Million Dollar Book Deal”

The Plan

Welcome to The (Writer’s) Waiting Room!  As anyone who’s ever gotten stuck in a real life doctor’s waiting room with nothing good to read knows, the wait can turn into a vortex of wasted, unproductive time.  It’s boring.  And, unless you want to make friends with that guy in the corner who might–definitely, probably–have swineContinue reading “The Plan”