Want to Work in Publishing? Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Connections!

Welcome to the guest blogging series, So, You Want to Work in Publishing, where publishing professionals share their personal stories of how they broke into the industry. The guest bloggers and I hope that you find our stories encouraging, informative, and helpful in your own path to a publishing career. If you’re a publishing professionalContinue reading “Want to Work in Publishing? Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Connections!”

J. K. Rowling, in Person

It took an hour’s train ride, a leisurely hour’s walk down 8th Avenue, and more than two hours waiting afterwards to get it, but here it is: J. K. Rowling’s autograph on her newest book, The Casual Vacancy. Whenever I look at this signature in the future, I’m going to remember the awesome moment IContinue reading “J. K. Rowling, in Person”

“So, You Want to Work in Publishing”–Susan Barnes

Name: Susan Barnes Current Title: Editorial Assistant for Orbit Books, an imprint of Hachette Book Group Hometown: Peoria, IL Graduated from: Valparaiso University, 2011 Where you currently work and live:I live in Queens and I work in Manhattan. Your Path to Publishing: Same as pretty much every other student out there, I had no ideaContinue reading ““So, You Want to Work in Publishing”–Susan Barnes”

Books Set in NYC: Tried and True, or Tired and Trite?

Have you ever noticed the sheer number of books that are set in New York City? The Princess Diaries series, the Insatiable series, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rules of Civility, P. S. I Love You, Sex and the City, The Nanny Diaries, FromContinue reading “Books Set in NYC: Tried and True, or Tired and Trite?”

It’s Not All Over: Go to the Harry Potter Exhibit!

Well I’ve got some good announcements and some bad announcements.  The NYU Summer Publishing Institute officially ended on Friday and I graduated with a Certificate in Publishing (yey me!).  Good news: with the institute over, I will now have time to be regular with my blog posts yet again.  Bad news, though, is that the reason I’llContinue reading “It’s Not All Over: Go to the Harry Potter Exhibit!”