The Writer’s Curse: You Can Never Stop Working

If you’re a writer, you know that you’re doomed.  Doomed to a life of eternally working.  Time off from the day job just means you have more time to write, more time dedicated to being chained to your desk and the invisible spiderweb deadlines that you construct for yourself.  Maybe I’m just speaking for myself,Continue reading “The Writer’s Curse: You Can Never Stop Working”

Even Ernest Hemingway Got Rejection Letters

To make you all feel a bit better about your most recent rejection letters, to keep you amused while you wait for some more rejection letters, and to encourage you to ignore those rejection letters and keep submitting your short stories and manuscripts anyway, I thought I’d provide a link to this rather hilarious articleContinue reading “Even Ernest Hemingway Got Rejection Letters”

A TINGE of a Publishing Chance

Edited by the students in Temple University’s M.F.A Program in Creative Writing, TINGE magazine is a relatively new online literary journal published twice annually (April and December).  Their first issue came out this Spring.  It’s hard to know what exactly a journal wants before you know what they publish, so the issue’s content will beContinue reading “A TINGE of a Publishing Chance”

Poll: What Do My Rejection Letters from Literary Agents Mean?

Ever since I read Nathan Bransford’s post “Why You Are Receiving Rejection Letters,” I’ve been thinking about my own rejection letters from literary agents.  I’ve been trying to decide whether I should set aside my middle-grade historical fiction manuscript and start writing a new one, or if I should persevere and stubbornly continue submitting it. Continue reading “Poll: What Do My Rejection Letters from Literary Agents Mean?”

If You’re Feeling a Little Rejected…

Read this. Why You Are Receiving Rejections “The Gust,” Willem van de Velde In the tangled morass of uncertainty that is the query process, it becomes easy to lose sight of the basics. People e-mail me every day me for feedback and suggestions on their query (which I’m unfortunately unable to provide), and want toContinue reading “If You’re Feeling a Little Rejected…”

Speculation on Zahir Journal Rejection Letters

I don’t have to speculate, I know.  Right on time this past week, on the dot of their official submission response time, I got a form rejection letter.  I hope you have better luck in your writing submissions! Zahir: A Journal of Speculative Fiction Type of Journal: online, with a annual printed anthology What They Want: Continue reading “Speculation on Zahir Journal Rejection Letters”

Snapshot of a Writing Contest at Memoir (And) Literary Journal

Here’s a writing contest that I should have posted yesterday, but I ended up going to the International Photography Museum instead.  Elliot Erwitt is now officially my favorite photographer of all time.  The narrative in many of his pictures was just so funny.  My friend and I kept laughing at each new framed photograph weContinue reading “Snapshot of a Writing Contest at Memoir (And) Literary Journal”

Today Shall Henceforth Be Known as “The Day I First Met Meg Cabot”

True story. Went to the 31st Annual Conference of the Romance Writers of America in the NYC Marriott just to get her signature for my sister’s copy of Abandon.  I desperately wish that I also owned a copy of The Princess Diaries to have gotten signed for myself and I desperately wish that my friendContinue reading “Today Shall Henceforth Be Known as “The Day I First Met Meg Cabot””

Rediscovering the New Delta Review

When I enter writing contests, I always pay a little extra to get a subscription to the literary journal in question.  That way, even if I don’t win (which I usually do not) I still get the present of a new literary journal to read, which usually numbs the pain of rejection.  (I’m being over-dramaticContinue reading “Rediscovering the New Delta Review”

Hunting for Undiscovered Publication Paths

As I mentioned earlier, I was slammed with a load of rejection letters this week.  This means that I need to start up the submission process again.  However, I’ve kind of run out of ideas of where to send my writing.  Does anybody have any recommendations for literary journals to submit fiction and creative non-fiction to?  Or a resource that listsContinue reading “Hunting for Undiscovered Publication Paths”