WOW! A Great Writing Contest for Women

Sorry guys, bad news.  This writing contest is only for females (I know!  Sorry!) WOW! stands for Women on Writing, you see.  But ladies, this is good news for you because it instantly cuts out half of the competition.  Another thing that’s cutting down the competition is the fact that they’re limiting the contest toContinue reading “WOW! A Great Writing Contest for Women”


Organized Writer…Oxymoron?

Are you one of those people who get cold shivers of pleasure when you see the organized shelves ofttimes featured in Real Simple?  Or do you break out in a cold sweat?  As writers, we’re constantly being lectured about being organized: have a regular writing scheduled, have a regular submission scheduled, have an Excel spreadsheetContinue reading “Organized Writer…Oxymoron?”

Sugar and Spice and Salt Hill Literary Journal

Even though they have a grand total of eight tweets, I came across this journal on twitter.  In affiliation with the Creative Writing Program at Syracuse University, Salt Hill Literary Journal has been around for 10 years.  Their online archive will give you a good taste of their style without having to buy and copiesContinue reading “Sugar and Spice and Salt Hill Literary Journal”

Big Writing Prize for Small Time Writer

If you’re like me, you’ve gotten work published before.  Small things in small campus publications, local magazines, tiny literary journals with a circulation of, maybe, 100.  Hey, I’m not complaining, it’s a start and it gives me something to pass around at family reunions. But if you’re like me and want to get a bitContinue reading “Big Writing Prize for Small Time Writer”

Revealed: Real-Life Submission Response Time for storySouth

A bit unusual to hear back outside of the work week, but I got a rejection letter on Saturday from storySouth, a magazine all about the–you guessed it!–Southern experience narrative.  If you’ve got a story set in the South, about the South, or if you just happen to be a resident of the South, long-termContinue reading “Revealed: Real-Life Submission Response Time for storySouth”

Announcement: I’m Getting Published in Weave Magazine!

Just received the good news and thought I’d share it with you! Weave magazine has a real-life, tested submission response time of exactly 2 months.  And in my case, it was an acceptance letter!  Look forward to reading my short story, “To The New Owners of my Childhood Home,” in the upcoming September December issue.

Win WEAVE Magazine’s 1st Annual Writing Contest

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Weave Magazine is a dark and fabulous literary journal.  Or, as they like to describe it: Weave is dark humor and magical realism. Weave is strange and fantastical. Weave also loves realistic narratives in fiction and poetry. Weave loves honest and simple nonfiction, not confessional for confessions sake. Weave loves strong,Continue reading “Win WEAVE Magazine’s 1st Annual Writing Contest”

A TINGE of a Publishing Chance

Edited by the students in Temple University’s M.F.A Program in Creative Writing, TINGE magazine is a relatively new online literary journal published twice annually (April and December).  Their first issue came out this Spring.  It’s hard to know what exactly a journal wants before you know what they publish, so the issue’s content will beContinue reading “A TINGE of a Publishing Chance”

It’s Not All Over: Go to the Harry Potter Exhibit!

Well I’ve got some good announcements and some bad announcements.  The NYU Summer Publishing Institute officially ended on Friday and I graduated with a Certificate in Publishing (yey me!).  Good news: with the institute over, I will now have time to be regular with my blog posts yet again.  Bad news, though, is that the reason I’llContinue reading “It’s Not All Over: Go to the Harry Potter Exhibit!”

R.E.S.P.E.C.T the Scholarly Publishing

First off, I’d just like to apologize for not adhering to my religious posting schedule this Monday.  I’ve been trying to juggle multiple heart attacks every day.  You see, the NYU Publishing Institute is wrapping up this week and it has lead to: a panicked rush to finish the book imprint project, me gaining aContinue reading “R.E.S.P.E.C.T the Scholarly Publishing”