Mythbuster: The “Good” Rejection Letter

Believe it or not, there are two types of rejection letters:  bad ones, and good ones.  The bad ones are form letters, one that the editors obviously composed and mass sent out to authors, merely filling in the blanks for name and perhaps the title of the submission.  Good rejection letters, on the other hand,Continue reading “Mythbuster: The “Good” Rejection Letter”


The Best Writer’s Block: A Vacation

Just letting you all know that I shall be leaving for Tybee Island and Savannah, Georgia tonight at 11pm.  It’s a week-long vacation and I won’t have access to a computer or internet so I won’t be blogging.  However, I’ve pre-blogged for the week the three posts I would normally put up.  My fabulous younger sister will be publishingContinue reading “The Best Writer’s Block: A Vacation”

The Plan

Welcome to The (Writer’s) Waiting Room!  As anyone who’s ever gotten stuck in a real life doctor’s waiting room with nothing good to read knows, the wait can turn into a vortex of wasted, unproductive time.  It’s boring.  And, unless you want to make friends with that guy in the corner who might–definitely, probably–have swineContinue reading “The Plan”