To the Former Owner of My New Home

I am officially a homeowner. Or, at least, a condo owner. I spent all of Friday scrubbing down every surface I could reach in preparation of move in (of course, on Saturday, aka Move-In Day, it snowed. What a pain). Though it’s a tiny place–not more than eight hundred square feet–and a little lacking inContinue reading “To the Former Owner of My New Home”

My StoryCorps Moment: Remembering 9/11

I’ve been listening to NPR a lot this week and most of the reports have been circulating on various topics surrounding 9/11.  One is about the psychology of the generations who don’t remember the event.  It seems strange, but I guess I’m probably one of the youngest age-groups that can vividly remember the events ofContinue reading “My StoryCorps Moment: Remembering 9/11”