Writing Tips Thanks to ThrillerFest 2011

In honor of ThrillerFest, which I attended today, I figured I would post a journal for those writers who love to read and write in the thriller genre. I admit, it’s not the normal writing contest that I post on Fridays.  But this journal (The Strand Magazine) pays, so getting published there would be justContinue reading “Writing Tips Thanks to ThrillerFest 2011”


Speculation on Zahir Journal Rejection Letters

I don’t have to speculate, I know.  Right on time this past week, on the dot of their official submission response time, I got a form rejection letter.  I hope you have better luck in your writing submissions! Zahir: A Journal of Speculative Fiction Type of Journal: online, with a annual printed anthology What They Want: Continue reading “Speculation on Zahir Journal Rejection Letters”

Snapshot of a Writing Contest at Memoir (And) Literary Journal

Here’s a writing contest that I should have posted yesterday, but I ended up going to the International Photography Museum instead.  Elliot Erwitt is now officially my favorite photographer of all time.  The narrative in many of his pictures was just so funny.  My friend and I kept laughing at each new framed photograph weContinue reading “Snapshot of a Writing Contest at Memoir (And) Literary Journal”

Rediscovering the New Delta Review

When I enter writing contests, I always pay a little extra to get a subscription to the literary journal in question.  That way, even if I don’t win (which I usually do not) I still get the present of a new literary journal to read, which usually numbs the pain of rejection.  (I’m being over-dramaticContinue reading “Rediscovering the New Delta Review”

What to Expect While Submitting to the Owl Eye Review and Palooka

I’m a strong believer in simultaneous submissions.  So I’ve had this creative non-fiction short story, “What To Expect While Grieving for Your Father” that I’ve been submitting around multiple places for a month or so.  It’s gotten three rejection letters–from New Delta Review, Owl Eye Review, and Palooka–and today [drum roll please!] I was notifiedContinue reading “What to Expect While Submitting to the Owl Eye Review and Palooka”

Quiz: How to Identify (And Avoid) Submitting Your Creative Writing Under the Influence

It happens late at night.  Well after everyone else has gone to bed, during the witching hour when there’s not even any good reruns on television.  You’ve checked your email and submishmash account 12 times successively in the hopes of an update.  You reread the short story which most recently received rejection from the literaryContinue reading “Quiz: How to Identify (And Avoid) Submitting Your Creative Writing Under the Influence”

Selling Your Firstborn Sentences: A Writing Contest and Prompt

Get inspired with The First Line Literary Journal challenge: write a short story starting with the sentence “Edwin spotted them the moment he stepped off the train.” Before you make a face and click off this page, think about it practically.  The chances of a huge number of writers deciding to spend the time thinkingContinue reading “Selling Your Firstborn Sentences: A Writing Contest and Prompt”

How to Get Published in Southern Literary Journals and A Writing Prompt

I promised to provide some inspirational photos from my vacation so here they are, along with an inspirational, creative writing prompt. Apparently, Savannah, Georgia is one huge graveyard.  When they wanted more space, the city decided to pave over huge sections of the original graveyard and build houses; also, some Civil War soldiers’ amputated bodyContinue reading “How to Get Published in Southern Literary Journals and A Writing Prompt”

Tips on How to Win Writing Contests

Since this blog is for the underdog, the yet-to-be-discovered, the unpublished or occasionally published writers, we really need to start talking about writing contests.  While at this stage everything would be a “big break” in your writing career, winning a writing contest has a couple extra bonuses: Writing contests usually have a bit of moneyContinue reading “Tips on How to Win Writing Contests”

An Occupational Hazard: Why Writers Resent Holidays

Let’s be honest.  We always become really committed to write, to create, to finally-put-that-great-story-idea-on-paper the exact moment that we can’t; namely, when we have other commitments be they to family, friends, traditions, dirty dishes, school, our bodies.  It’s convenient.  It’s certainly easier to glower and blame an early morning sunrise service, a parade, or aContinue reading “An Occupational Hazard: Why Writers Resent Holidays”