Selling Your Firstborn Sentences: A Writing Contest and Prompt

Get inspired with The First Line Literary Journal challenge: write a short story starting with the sentence “Edwin spotted them the moment he stepped off the train.” Before you make a face and click off this page, think about it practically.  The chances of a huge number of writers deciding to spend the time thinkingContinue reading “Selling Your Firstborn Sentences: A Writing Contest and Prompt”

Choices: Do New Writers Have to Submit to Online Literary Journals?

Like Chicken Little, a lot of people are running around shouting that the publishing world is going under.  This allegedly inevitable transformation to digital is going to delete jobs, while journals and magazines that don’t keep up and reformat for iPad will go extinct.  Literary journals are traditionally characterized as small and underfunded.  Basically, they’reContinue reading “Choices: Do New Writers Have to Submit to Online Literary Journals?”

An Occupational Hazard: Why Writers Resent Holidays

Let’s be honest.  We always become really committed to write, to create, to finally-put-that-great-story-idea-on-paper the exact moment that we can’t; namely, when we have other commitments be they to family, friends, traditions, dirty dishes, school, our bodies.  It’s convenient.  It’s certainly easier to glower and blame an early morning sunrise service, a parade, or aContinue reading “An Occupational Hazard: Why Writers Resent Holidays”

The Plan

Welcome to The (Writer’s) Waiting Room!  As anyone who’s ever gotten stuck in a real life doctor’s waiting room with nothing good to read knows, the wait can turn into a vortex of wasted, unproductive time.  It’s boring.  And, unless you want to make friends with that guy in the corner who might–definitely, probably–have swineContinue reading “The Plan”