Organized Writer…Oxymoron?

Are you one of those people who get cold shivers of pleasure when you see the organized shelves ofttimes featured in Real Simple?  Or do you break out in a cold sweat?  As writers, we’re constantly being lectured about being organized: have a regular writing scheduled, have a regular submission scheduled, have an Excel spreadsheetContinue reading “Organized Writer…Oxymoron?”

Dear Authors: How Dare You Kill Off Your Main Characters

SPOILER ALERT!  I will be discussing details of the books One Day by David Nicholls and The Sight by David Clement-Davies that will generally spoil the endings.  You’ve been warned. The first time I read a book in which the narrator died, I was morally offended.  I had fallen in love with the character andContinue reading “Dear Authors: How Dare You Kill Off Your Main Characters”

Poor Choices: Posting Your Book on Your Blog

Should you post your book chapters on your blog?  This is a constant point of debate for bloggers and there are two loyal camps who constantly battle over it.  Every time I stumble across another blog pondering the idea, I reiterate my points and I figured that I would announce them once and for allContinue reading “Poor Choices: Posting Your Book on Your Blog”

What NOT to Do When Submitting to Literary Journals

We’ve been over some of these creative writing submission “don’ts” before, but I think that this article, “The Number One Worst Mistake A Writer Can Make When Submitting,” from Writer’s Relief is pretty valuable in that the quotes are from real life editors working for real life publications.  It even provides the links to theirContinue reading “What NOT to Do When Submitting to Literary Journals”

Writing Advice From Neil Gaiman

According to the Random Buzzers, it’s officially Writing Week.  They have a facebook page up called “Writing & Editing Advice from Around the Web” with a bunch of links up, so go check it out if you’re interested.  I’m providing you with one of the links right here because of my inexhaustible fondness for NeilContinue reading “Writing Advice From Neil Gaiman”

The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule

There are these cardinal writing rules that everyone chants like a mantra.  One of them is “write what you know” and if you’ve been following this blog you already know that I think that rule is a bunch of baloney.   Another one is “do not write in dialect.”  Or, at least, as this articleContinue reading “The Help Combats the “Don’t Write in Dialect” Rule”

Some Unpleasant Truths about Publishing and Self-Promotion

A big theme during the books portion of the NYU Summer Publishing Institute that scared me as a writer was that many publishers were publicly announcing that they would not take on an author–even if they were so in love with their manuscript or book proposal that they wanted to marry it–unless they had aContinue reading “Some Unpleasant Truths about Publishing and Self-Promotion”

Poll: What Do My Rejection Letters from Literary Agents Mean?

Ever since I read Nathan Bransford’s post “Why You Are Receiving Rejection Letters,” I’ve been thinking about my own rejection letters from literary agents.  I’ve been trying to decide whether I should set aside my middle-grade historical fiction manuscript and start writing a new one, or if I should persevere and stubbornly continue submitting it. Continue reading “Poll: What Do My Rejection Letters from Literary Agents Mean?”

Writing is a Waiting Game

I am currently waiting upon… Painted Bride Quarterly (date submitted: January 4th; what submitted: 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction)  Official Response Time:  unknown Cicada (date submitted: February 16th; what submitted: 2 poems)  Official Response Time: up to 4 months storySouth (date submitted: June 1st; what submitted: 1 fiction)  Official Response Time: 2-6 months Weave magazine (dateContinue reading “Writing is a Waiting Game”

Today Shall Henceforth Be Known as “The Day I First Met Meg Cabot”

True story. Went to the 31st Annual Conference of the Romance Writers of America in the NYC Marriott just to get her signature for my sister’s copy of Abandon.  I desperately wish that I also owned a copy of The Princess Diaries to have gotten signed for myself and I desperately wish that my friendContinue reading “Today Shall Henceforth Be Known as “The Day I First Met Meg Cabot””